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- websites for improving and practicing English -

  • www.duolingo.com - for the multiple in you

  • www.englishcentral.com - does as it says, makes learning more central focused

  • www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl - knows a lot about a lot

  • www.newsinlevels.com - great for writing and listening

  • www.myenglishpages.com - a valuable go to resource

  • www.eslcafe.com - discussion point heaven for students and teachers

  • bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish - an established stalwart in the field of academic learning

  • www.a4esl.org - this website includes grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary for all levels

  • elt.oup.com/learning resources a website that has exercises to work on spelling, syntax, elocution, understanding, and listening





- books designed to help you grow -

  • The Elements of Style by Strunk & White - I can highly recommend this book, and the values it brings to writing constructive prose that is economical and coherent. A true masterpiece of its time, that has stood the test of time because of the authors ability to simply their explanations of how best to phrase and construct words. Oh, and compared to the next recommendation it is bite size.

  • Practical English Usage by Swan - Again, a book all teachers would carry in their bag on the way to a days work, and an excellent tool for references all points relating to the written word and grammar.

  • The Sense of Style by Pinker - a linguistic dream for those comfortable with the intricacies of language. Pinker is able to wittingly share his thoughts (well educated) on the art of writing well. For all lover of words, a must read.

  • The Female Eunuch by Greer - pioneering, adventurous and liberating for humans looking to develop understanding in gender and identity and all things being human in relation to the feminist movement.

  • Sapiens by Harari - simple, engaging and humancentric.

  • How to Write by Stein - A legend among the lost generation, pivotal in the development and movement of literature in 20th century Paris - worth a read, this is certain.

  • On Writing by Stephen King - humorous, intolerant and straight to the point, although not an avid reader of his work myself, I read this book twice. Both entertaining and enlightening in relation to the process of writing.

  • Easy Tiger, Raging Bulls by Biskind - hold on to your seats, buckle up and take a journey through 1960s cinema - a land of the disengaged, spirited and lawless - a heck of a read.

  • The Oxford Book of Essays by Gross - Solid, fundamental and expansive, finely delivered and engaging to read as you progress through higher education.

  • How to Write Better Essay by Greetham - a valuable book that expands understanding of form and presentation, style and delivery.

  • What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Murakami is not about running as so much training the muscle of the mind to work with words. A treat to those who admire the dedication it takes in the pursuit of excellence.

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