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I began within education as a language teacher, and have now worked for over a decade in a variety of educational capacities, assisting learners in one-to-one and group environments that focus on developing academic understanding. In this time I have worked with international students, company staff and local citizens as they push forward, and further develop their own academic base.


Having lived and worked in South Korea for approaching two years, a return to the United Kingdom led to further education work within three esteemed universities, assisting learners as they progressed towards higher education. Teaching and advising roles involved academic focused study that increased knowledge of contextual academia, essay writing skills, exam preparation and presentation. I have led workshops for teachers in this time and guided students end-to-end through university applications and cycles, assisting in creating compelling portfolios, tailoring cover letters, research proposals and statement of purposes, as well as oral presentation and essay skills.

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Whilst studying for a Masters degree; I continued to work within university with international students arriving in the United Kingdom to further their own education. This position involved creating content on behalf of my institution, assisting students with university applications, registration, exam preparation and developing essay writing skills. This inspired my own academic development as we worked to further develop contextual and critical analysis and thinking.


Once having completed a Masters degree; I moved to work in a Senior Admissions role and later Support position at a world renowned university. This involved working closely with international students in higher education, and involved advisory duties such as: tailoring applications, introductory letter writing, building portfolios, meeting administrative demands and deadlines, pastoral work, and academic advising on a daily basis. Both positions further rounded existing knowledge of the university processes and policies, and offered the chance to work closely with individuals as they progressed through yearly academic cycles.


Moving to South America, I worked for a teaching institution and as a freelancer with students applying to study overseas at various degree levels. This was a rich and rewarding experience that allowed me to assist students with research proposals, visa and university applications, statement of purpose submissions, essay writing development and contextual analysis. We also worked on phrasing, syntax and general English skills for academic and professional environments.

Time spent in Argentina allowed one to develop a academic advisory role that offered end-to-end support and academic assistance that further developed existing knowledge. During this time I worked in-house for corporations, in a classroom environment, and at home with working professionals and students at various stages of their academic journey.


Based in Europe, currently I offer services that focus on the individual needs of learners. AED aims to fuse a passion for the written word with a desire to assist those on their education journey.